The Lincolns of Springfield immerses the audience in the amazing, yet entirely true story of how it was that Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd managed to meet and fall deeply in love. It is a documented fact that as a young girl, Mary Todd declared that she would marry a President and live in the White House when she grew up. The audience is led down the highly improbable, yet entirely truthful, humorous and delightfully romantic path that leads to the courtship and marriage of the young Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd- America’s first power couple- and the fulfillment of Mary’s prediction. Although the story seems wildly romantic and implausible, the script is based upon many years of research and has been thoroughly vetted by Lincoln scholars, proving once again that truth is stranger than fiction. The Lincolns of Springfield presents a fresh portrait of Mary Lincoln and her position as Abraham Lincoln’s soul-mate, greatest supporter and his most deeply admired advisor. The Lincolns of Springfield tells the true story of Abraham and Mary Lincoln in such a way as to honor both Abe and Mary Lincoln. This story is told from the perspective of those Lincoln scholars who view Mary as an accomplished, intelligent woman ahead of her time and the remembrances of her own friends and family who admired, respected and loved her. From the moment the curtain rises, audiences are immediately drawn into two very different worlds…Mary’s tumultuous world of the antebellum South—with gentility and honor juxtaposed against the backdrop of the scourge of slavery-- and Abe’s vibrant, fearless world of possibilities that is America’s new frontier. We meet young Mary Todd, an actual Southern Belle and a privileged member of the Southern aristocracy. She is highly educated, charming, attractive, witty and considered to be quite a catch…with plenty of spunk and a genuine and abiding love for the slaves her father owned. She assists her Mammy Sallie with the underground-railroad. In spite of her genteel Southern upbringing, she is a true abolitionist from a very early age. In a time long before women’s rights, Mary’s intellect, social status, political acumen and ambition were recognized within political circles well before she met Abraham Lincoln. We meet the iconic young Abraham Lincoln- tall, hard-working and a self-taught scholar. He yearns for the opportunity to make his mark on the world. Abe is surrounded by a gaggle of warm, kind, salt of the earth family and friends. From these folks he develops his renowned sense of humor, deep faith, charismatic personality and powerful and persuasive speaking skills. We meet Elizabeth Keckley, a former slave and dressmaker, who becomes Mary Todd Lincoln’s closest friend and confidante. She is highly educated and elegant. Mrs. Keckley is the ideal character to serve as story teller for The Lincolns of Springfield. As Mary’s dearest friend she is privy to Mary’s most intimate and private history. The friendship between Mary Lincoln and Elizabeth Keckley is pivotal to the story. The Lincolns of Springfield chronicles the incredible story of America’s greatest President and his much loved wife throughout a progressive arc spanning their lifetimes- from their first meeting through the end of the Civil War. In America’s darkest hour, while overcoming great personal loss and adversity…their love endured. Theirs is a tale of triumph…a tale of tragedy…a tale of hope. Inspired and inspiring…Timely and timeless--- The Lincolns of Springfield